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Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task.


Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representation learning.

Turnkey Projects

Problem 01

  • Demand unpredictability Operational and health related risks when unloading material from trucks to silos External/Internal factors used to cause disruption, which negatively influence delivery time and resulted in poor customer satisfaction
    • Solution Provided:
    • Monitoring of maintenance schedules and automatic capturing of maintenance records for critical equipment Dashboards for monitoring cement levels, replenishment analytics, plant utilization, etc. Machine learning based model for replenishment and logistics cost optimization A mechanism to eliminate health & safety concerns by mitigating operational risks related to silo pressure monitoring and unloading of material from truck to the Silos at the facility

    Problem 02

  • Un-Managed Staffing. Delivery No Real time tracking and information, which negatively influence delivery time and resulted in poor customer satisfaction. Leakage in Goods due to poor quality of operations by vendor or track crews.
    • Solution Provided:
    • Continuous monitoring of critical data points, scalable data acquisition, and streaming of high velocity, volume, and variety of near to real-time data Automated tracking and reordering of cement based on multiple parameters Dashboards for monitoring cement levels, replenishment analytics

    Problem 03

  • Currently most of the vehicles visit workshop after accident and workshop people make more damage in order to increase the invoice size they break some more expensive component of the vehicle which never damages during accident.
    • Solution Provided:
    • SusaLabs: Designed and developed a smart solution where at the time accident users need to take on the spot video of vehicles from 360 degree. ML based solutions identify the real time damage and estimate the cost of the damage using the parts prices in inventory and the labor charges in the local area.



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    Over 33 Year's of experience in European market practiced in diversified area's Telecommunications, IT, Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Product Management, Project Management, Electronics and Roaming.

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    Having solid 28 years of experience in US Market as entrepreneurs, Business Owner and focused on education vertical. King has strong zeal to do something back to the society.

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    Over 25 years solid tech practice Naveen is Specialties: IT Strategy and Execution, Enterprise IT Systems, Enterprise IT Architecture, ERP & Enterprise Applications, Team Building & Leadership, SLA Based IT Services, IT Services Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Process Improvement Program, Project Management, Vendor Management.

    Vinit Arora

    Over 15 Years of experience in Business Development strategically design, plan, and execute company's national and global initiatives. Driven for their future growth, her contagious energy has established respected business relations between executive teams and board members. Serving clients in Houston, San Diego and Tampa, and their international expansions.

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