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The future of AI promises self-optimization of production process. Request our whitepaper! Faster, more flexible, more efficient – prepared for digital transformation with Siemens. Increasing efficiency. Improving service. Optimizing holisticly. Reducing time to market.


Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task.


Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representation learning.

Turnkey Projects

Problem 01
Demand unpredictability Operational and health related risks when unloading material from trucks to silos External/Internal factors used to cause disruption, which negatively influence delivery time and resulted in poor customer satisfaction

Solution Provided:
Monitoring of maintenance schedules and automatic capturing of maintenance records for critical equipment Dashboards for monitoring cement levels, replenishment analytics, plant utilization, etc. Machine learning based model for replenishment and logistics cost optimization A mechanism to eliminate health & safety concerns by mitigating operational risks related to silo pressure monitoring and unloading of material from truck to the Silos at the facility

Problem 02
Un-Managed Staffing. Delivery No Real time tracking and information, which negatively influence delivery time and resulted in poor customer satisfaction. Leakage in Goods due to poor quality of operations by vendor or track crews.

Solution Provided:
Continuous monitoring of critical data points, scalable data acquisition, and streaming of high velocity, volume, and variety of near to real-time data Automated tracking and reordering of cement based on multiple parameters Dashboards for monitoring cement levels, replenishment analytics

Problem 03
Currently most of the vehicles visit workshop after accident and workshop people make more damage in order to increase the invoice size they break some more expensive component of the vehicle which never damages during accident.

Solution Provided:
SusaLabs: Designed and developed a smart solution where at the time accident users need to take on the spot video of vehicles from 360 degree. ML based solutions identify the real time damage and estimate the cost of the damage using the parts prices in inventory and the labor charges in the local area.


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Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical, surgical, and sometimes dental expenses


Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that protects you against financial loss.


If an insurer settles a claim it pays money to a policyholder for the occurrence of a loss or risk against which they were insured.


Core Banking Solution (CBS) is networking of branches, which enables. Customers to operate their accounts


In accordance with this second perspective on platforms the definition can be widened to cover the design of the manufacturing system


Education ERP software is a web based ERP software solution is to streamline and manage student information


Process Development:

Understanding of running business, Operations, Technology, Technology gaps and need of automation in process and then layout the full proof documentation with the help of that company can hit the version of solution in more and improve the productivity. satisfaction

Software Solution development:

SusaLabs works with tech & non-tech both kinds of customers. time we work with smart CTO and CIO to add development capacity and manier time we work with non tech people purpose software solutions and identify systems challenges and build efficient solutions.

Smart Engineering :

SusaLabs believe in solving challenges and creating effective solutions thus we have a solid engineering team. Having capacity in Cloud computing, Dev-Ops, Network Security, Software Development, Mobile app’s development and building clean backend and front end web solutions.

Advance Technology:

SusaLabs Practice Big data in solving and understanding data we leverage: Hive, hadoop, H-Base and also apply Machine learning, Deep Learning for our productive models; we have implemented ioT and blockchain projects as well.

Digital Marketing:

SusaLabs has a small team in the digital marketing area as well so we can leverage our capacity in digital marketing as well f.g (Seo, smo, organic, onpage, offpage, content writing, social etc.)

Customer Relationship & Program Management:

This is a managed service offered by SusaLabs in which we take care of project management things f.g (Scope management, planning, execution, quality, user acceptance and many more tiny-tiny important matters.

Our Team


Naveen Radhwani

Over 22 years solid tech practice Naveen is Specialties: IT Strategy and Execution, Enterprise IT Systems, Enterprise IT Architecture, ERP & Enterprise Applications, Team Building & Leadership, SLA Based IT Services, IT Services Outsourcing,  Business Intelligence, Process Improvement Program, Project Management, Vendor Management.

Sunil Mudgal

Over 11 Years of Experience in Complex technical solution development, Business Strategy development, Entrepreneur with a strong track record of building diversified business, formulating & driving strategy, leading teams and handling the operations. Building investment decks, Product Management, Project Management for global and local market both.

Gautam Gianchandi

Over 30 Year's of experience in European market practiced in diversified area's Telecommunications, IT, Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Product Management, Project Management, Electronics and Roaming.

King Koduru

Having solid 25 years of experience in US Market as entrepreneurs, Business Owner and focused on education vertical. King has strong zeal to do something back to the society.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your IT services & solutions cost?

It all depends on the use cases of project & complexity also however we have kept pricing aggressive in order to meet the market demands and support the young and emerging startups. SusaLabs 1st understands the problems and After speaking with you about your requirements, SusaLabs will put together a custom proposal of solution and along that will also share project scope, time, cost and resource matrix too.

What is your support system, how do you support your customers ?

SusaLabs have well organised plans for support and maintenance, SusaLabs do have physical and virtual both kinds of support in business working hours. Our customer satisfaction level is very high and we do things the right way. SusaLabs is coming from a philosophy that customers are God. We always focus on building solutions right from the start. That's the reason business consultants study all the process and flow in details and then after submit their study reports and proposed solutions. Susalabs offers after sales support, solution warranties and many more facilities.

Which technology & area your company is specelliged in ?

SusaLabs: is specialised in almost all the IT Solutions & services few of them are: Simplifying the business problems, layout the process & solutions suggestions in the simplest way. SusaLabs is majorly specialized in building tech solutions, we do have good capacity in terms of solving problems; focused areas are: ML/ AI/ ioT/ BlockChain, DevOps, Backend Development, frontend Development, Mobile app development, hybrid app development etc. Building go to market strategy for the start up, digital marketing, SEO/SMO, road shows, technical resource management etc.

What does SusaLabs do?

SusaLabs provides IT consulting, products, and services for customers throughout. The SusaLabs Team discusses your business needs and provides IT recommendations to help you meet or exceed your business goals. Next, Proactive helps you to choose the right technology and programming at the best fit to your solving your problems keeping scaling and costing in mind . Finally, SusaLabs can provide technical support to build and maintain your information technology solution.

Do you work with particular industries or types of companies?

As Tech solution Company SusaLabs works for solving business creaticle challenges and problem solving, susaLabs are not specifically bound to particular industries. So far, SusaLabs provided solutions to cement industries, automobile insurance industries, transport solutions, healthcare, courier management, office process automation, banking, telecom and many more. Susalabs are open for the challenges and solving complex problems.

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